Founded in 2021 with the optimism that the beauty and personal care industry requires an uprising with respect to safety, transparency and sustainability. In India, a lot of brands make incorrect claims due to the lack of stringent rules and regulations in the beauty and personal care industry.

There is a common misconception that any brand with a hefty marketing budget has safe and effective products. This is absolutely wrong.

~Best of Nature, Backed by Science~

We at NATUREPRO believe we should focus more towards understanding the complete list of ingredients that go into any product along with the science behind the working of these ingredients when used at specific concentrations.

This allows you to have more control in terms of choosing and using various beauty and personal care products.

What we stand for instead is ‘Sustainable Products’. Products that have no-negative impact on the environment, are free from well researched toxins and are safe, transparent and sustainable while being highly effective.

Say hello to ‘Sustainable Beauty’

NATUREPRO is committed to bringing ‘sustainability in beauty’.


-> Safe and transparent dosage: By making the active concentration data available for all. All the ingredients are used as per stringent rules and regulations commissioned by the EU.

-> All natural formulations: By using clean and green formulations only. No bad stuff at all.

-> Sustainable packaging: By using recycled and recyclable packaging. We are also co-developing a bottle made of 70% calcium carbonate and only 30% polymer/plastic which would help us to reduce the use of plastic at the very source by 70%.

-> Certification backed claims: By making sure that all our products meet international standard benchmarks and are Madesafe™ certified.