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A lightweight gel face cleanser mixed with aquaporin, allantoin and organic coffee that cleanses your face and prevents the formation of acne providing 12hrs of hydration to your facial skin.
  • It enhances your skin’s hydration system and leaves your skin supple, smooth and radiant.
  • It effectively moisturizes your skin, sheds off the dead skin cells and prevents your skin from ageing.
  • It helps open clogged pores and cleanse the pores.

-Pump a small amount of the gel onto your wet palms.
-Massage it slowly over your facial skin.
-Finally, rinse it off to get hydrated, clear and supple skin.

Aquaporins form a vital network to moisturize the skin. Aquaporins transport moisture between the skin cells and support skin hydration from within. Aquaporin is the most abundant in the human skin and conducts water and glycerol across skin cells. Glycerol is an important humectant and a building block for the skin’s own molecules. Optimal water and glycerol supply are essential to keep the skin moistured and hydrated.

Allantoin is found in plants like chamomile, wheat sprouts, sugar beet and comfrey. It is a 5-ureidohydantoin or glyoxyldiureide. It moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness and irritation and is also suitable for sensitive skin because of its non-irritable nature. It is a keratolytic agent, which means it softens and separates the cornified layer of the skin and keeps the skin smooth. It prevents transepidermal water loss and retains water in the skin cells, which makes the skin softer. Allantoin not only sheds off dead skin cells but also helps in cell turnover. It helps in cell proliferation and reduces the dullness of the skin. It helps in the synthesis of collagen and prevents your skin from ageing.

Organic coffee is a great exfoliant. It does not dissolve in water, which makes it good at scrubbing away all the dead skin cells. Caffeic acid also has antimicrobial properties which help the skin to protect itself from germs. It contains antioxidants such as polyphenols that help in protecting the skin from ultraviolet(UV) rays and some signs of aging linked to sun exposure. The chlorogenic acid in caffeine helps in the reduction of inflammation and protects the skin against some strains of bacteria causing acne.



Purified Aqua •Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate •Cocamidopropyl betaine •Glycerin •Glyceryl Glucoside •Propylene glycol •Phenoxyethanol •Capryloyl Glycine •Undecylenoyl Glycine •Triethanolamine •Hydroxyethyl Cellulose •Fragrance (IFRA certified) •Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Extract •Xanthan gum •Allantoin •Disodium EDTA

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