We have dedicated ourselves to optimise our product packaging in step with the three Rs of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Reduce: Keeping in mind the increasing want for packaging solutions which are powerful and sustainable, all our packing containers are recyclable. We are innovating to reduce the use of plastic at the source by using calcium carbonate to develop bottles that mimic HDPE bottles.

Reuse: We use HDPE AND Glass bottles which may be reused to top off the products. These bottles can also be used for various DIY hacks on weekends.

Recycle: Our precedence is usually the protection and effectiveness of the formula. Our whole product line is available in recyclable packaging that is ECOCERT compliant. We make sure to use 100% recyclable packaging across the whole supply chain, while also educating our vendors and partners on why sustainability is not a buzzword anymore but the key to a brighter FUTURE.