• It is crucial to keep your skin hydrated. It is vital to hydrate the skin in order to keep it moisturised and preserve its perfect barrier function. Because amino acids make up more than half of natural moisturizing factors, they are one of the most important sources of moisturised skin. Amino acids provide about half of the body's natural moisturising substances. Amino acids are also found in the keratin fibres that support these natural moisturising agents.
  • Amino acids are required for the maintenance of healthy skin. Amino acids are the building blocks of peptides and proteins, and each one has a distinct purpose in skin care. Some types are found naturally in the skin and function with aquaporins (your body's water transport system) to move moisture through it. Some amino acids act as antioxidants, but the majority aid in the production of your skin's own antioxidants. Synthetic amino acids hydrate better than amino acids derived from animals or plants, according to research.

    Amino acids, whether consumed or applied externally, aid in the strengthening of the immune system, as well as the hydration, resilience, and overall appearance of the skin. They protect skin from free radical damage and help to slow down the ageing process.

    Amino acids not only benefit your skin, but also help you to have healthy,thick and shiny hair.

    Amino acids contribute to the moisturization of dry cuticles. The cuticle is the hair's outermost layer, and is responsible for maintaining moisture. The amino acids in cuticles serve to keep moisture in the skin. Hair that is dull and dry is a sign of severe cuticle damage and a deficiency in amino acids. People are dyeing their hair more often these days, but dyeing agents and bleach can harm hair, especially the cuticles. Certain amino acids found in shampoos, conditioners, and treatments aid to retain moisture and prevent hair from breaking. Amino acid helps you to have smooth and silky hair.

    After conducting extensive research, we discovered that amino acids are the key to having healthy hair and skin.We created our products by combining amino acids with our components to help our customers maintain moisturised skin and healthy hair on a daily basis.